Stop-In Pet Sitting Service

We are now offering options to suit your needs within the Town of Perry, NY.  We are unable to serve outside of this area at this time.


Our service would allow for us to stop in to your home and check on your dogs and/or cats while you are away for the day. We can feed, water, administer medications, provide potty breaks and provide you with a photo/video update to let you know how your pet(s) is doing.


*Puppies are simply too young to be left without supervision with only 2-3 stop in's so we would recommend boarding for dogs that are under 1 year old.  

*Dogs who take medication for more serious conditions should also be in a supervised boarding situation vs. home alone as well whenever possible to prevent emergencies going unattended for longer periods of time so we may require additional stop in visits or boarding based on your dogs needs.

Dog: $12 per visit (visits average 15-30 min)

Cats only: $10 per visit

Multi-pet home: $18 per visit (average visit 30-45 min)

Dog walks, multiple daily visits are also available upon request.

Dog Walk: $6 add on 

(dogs must have a harness or gentle leader)