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Dog Daycare


7 a.m.-6 p.m. (drop off must be before 10am)

Daycare includes playtime with any needed breaks for rest and meals.  If your pet needs medication that is also no problem!  All dogs entering must have form completed along with required proof of vaccination and spay/neuter.  Spay/Neuter is strictly required over the age of 6 months unless you have discussed it with Melissa first to make sure we can accommodate.


• Daily rate is $28/day $26 for puppies under 6m.


• 5-day package $25/day $125.00

        2nd dog package 10% off

• 10-day packages $24/day  $240.00

        2nd dog package 10% off

• 20-day packages $23/day  $460.00

        2nd dog package 10% off

30 day packages $22/day $660.00  &10% off all retail during that package period.

  • ​Walk-in rate for dogs who are not "reserved" on our booking software is $25 if we have space.  This is for existing customers, new customers need a trial day scheduled due to staffing assessments.  Please note, this fee applies even to package holders.  You may be turned away if we are at capacity, so its best to use our booking system to ensure space.

Late pick up fee is $10 (boarding overnight may be determined if later than 6:15p.m.)

**2nd dog rates are for dogs that are living in the same household/same owner

In order to sign up, we now accept online reservations only.  We no longer accept calls or emails to sign up.  Click Sign up below and you can use your own log in and password to choose what days work best for you!

We do allow dogs under 40lbs to also attend daycare and have many other puppies and appropriate play partners available!

Daycare: Service
What daycare looks like

Clients receive our SnapChat information to watch along during the day.  Here are some snapshots of the fun!

Daycare: Portfolio
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