Our board-and-train option is our most comprehensive program. Whether you want to provide your new puppy a great foundation or get your adult dog over a particular behavioral hurdle, this option provides the consistency and attention most dog owners can't give around work, kids, and other responsibilities.

What you get:

*Photos, videos, and other updates of their progress daily-weekly.

*Commitment to learning with positive reinforcement (no choke/prong/shock)

*Living in a home environment, not a kennel.  They will not be rotated out extended periods solitude, they will be part of our families daily life.  If they are crate trained they can crate, if they are able to sleep loose, we can accommodate that.

*Structured routine, meals, enrichment and medications as needed are provided at no extra cost.

*Fenced yards in both home and facility locations for safety.

*Resources available outside of our program such as referrals to other pet professionals and links to scientific research to help make decisions on your pets care.

Due to our home environment being dog social I am unable to take on any dog aggressive dog clients.