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Canine Kindergarten

This lesson format is for puppies 10 weeks of age up to 20 weeks (5 monnths).  We will go over basics of responsible pet ownership, dogs learning styles, importance of proper socialization skills, tools to keep your pets happy, keeping everyone safe, as well as dog nutritional basics.  You will learn how to engage your puppy with the start of basic manners and skills to improve throughout their lifetime.

Some things you will accomplish: Name recognition, sit, come when called (recall), confidence building, potty training/crate training, how to decrease unwanted puppy behaviors such as mouthing, and jumping. $120 for 6 weeks, limited to 6 puppies per class. Please note: dogs do not attend the first lesson, informational instruction only.

Even if your puppy has some of these skills started, we highly encourage you to take this class now, verses waiting for the next level as there are some critical development topics we cover that we are finding people avoid because they wait too long to attend class.  

Upcoming Classes:

Tuesdays starting 10/20  6:00-7:00pm

Everyday Etiquette

This lesson format is for dogs ages 5 months and up. 

Dog training isn’t about completing a class, it’s about living happily and peacefully with your dog! In our Everyday Etiquette class, you and your dog will learn how to navigate the real world, not the show ring, so whether your dog is hauling you down the street, barking at the neighbors, or begging at the dinner table, we have grounded, scientifically-proven solutions to your problems. 

Some things you will accomplish: sit, stay, lay, recall, entering and exiting doorways with ease, loose leash walking, and learning how to limit unwanted behaviors such as digging, barking, jumping, and mouthing. $120 for 6 weeks. Please note: dogs do not attend the first lesson, informational instruction only.

Upcoming Classes:

Mondays Starting 10/26 6-7pm

Fearful Fido

If your dog is fearful of strangers, crowds, children, noises and exhibits behaviors such as shaking, growling, backing up under furniture, and more than this is the class for you. Learn how to use gentle, kind techniques to help your dog build confidence and feel safe. Using specific step by step guidance to help you not only understand the reasons for the fear, but how to approach and tackle the concerns with the safest, most compassionate methods.  5 weeks plus a 1 hour private session to provide individualized plans to continue training beyond the classroom.  The cost is $140

Upcoming Classes:

Inquire via email

Loose Leash Class

This lesson format is to give owners a chance to focus on 1 undesired behavior verses an entire syllabus that may be overwhelming or unnecessary.  We will focus only on loose leash walking to make your walks more enjoyable.  In this course you will need to have your dog wearing only a flat collar and a front clip harness (freedom harness or easy walk) with a regular leash (no retractable).  The course is 4 weeks plus 1 private lesson

Cost is $120

Upcoming Classes:

Starting Sept 8th Tuesday 6pm-7pm

@Perry Park (Lake St)

Victory at the Vets/Groomers

Upcoming Classes:

Juvenile Jumpers

This unique course will be offered soon in a quick format class that is geared towards real life simulation with multiple distractions available to provide you with the best chance at success in keeping your dogs 4 on the floor.  There is no age or size limit on this class, but your dog must be friendly with other people approaching them in a public setting.  This is only a 3 week course that can be taken as a first time course, or as a refresher to any other lessons you've attended.

Cost is $60

If your dog is nervous or exhibits FAS (fear, anxiety, stress) at the veterinary office, this class is a must!  Each time your dog has a negative experience at the vets due to FAS you are starting to see an increase in difficulty of handling, so let us help turn that around! 

Not sure if your dog has FAS?  Does your dog tuck tail, shake/quiver, drool, pant heavily, growl, lunge, lower body posture and ears to look scared, back out of collar/leash, whimper or whine.  These are all signs your dog is in distress and could use some help.  Unfortunately, the vets have a job to do so they are not always able to resolve this in an appointment.  The good news is the prep work you can do outside the vets office can make a world of difference in your next appointments to turn things around. 


Things you will learn:

*Slip Lead/Leash transfers and handling from owner to staff *Chin rests and positions for blood draws, vaccines, vitals, etc.  *Stay holds or gentle calming methods  *Intro to muzzle work as needed  *Hands on handling/touching body  *Lay/Settle on a mat (slowed breathing and relaxation)  *Touch hold for still posture for longer procedures  *Nail trimming prep work


This class is formatted for 4weeks and 1 private session for $120.00.  Veterinary staff receive a 20% discount to attend in order to learn more techniques on the fear free approach.


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