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What boarding looks like
at Paws Perrydise

Our boarding clients love getting picture updates and videos during their dogs' stay.

In-Home Boarding

Comfortable and Professional

With a large home, fully fenced yard and an experienced staff, your dog will be treated like family and will enjoy lounging in comfort rather than staying a kennel environment. We work with your pet's needs to find the best routine of care.  


We now have two options for boarding clients based on their dogs personality:

Social Staycation is for dogs who enjoy other dogs and will enjoy play groups, daycare when scheduled. You can choose how many days they play or for the entire stay.

Solitude Suite is for dogs who may be older, less socialized, anxious, or just simply feel overwhelmed by playing with unfamiliar dogs. Ideally for dogs who are not destructive and enjoy lounging in a room at Paws Perrydise or in my home with furniture, music, or television.


All dogs are let out a minimum of four times a day with individualized attention regardless of option.  

Flexible scheduling allows you to have more than a typical one- or two-hour drop off/pick up window.  You provide your own food and we do the rest!

Boarding rates

•Solitude Suite $25/day per dog

•Social Staycation $26/day per dog

•Second dog (dogs from the same household/owner) $24/day

•GTTD alumni $24/day

•$30/day for major holidays (New Years Eve & Day, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day)


When you reserve your dates, you will receive an invoice for a deposit to finalize your reservation.  That must be paid within one week to keep your pet's name on those dates. The remaining balance is paid the day of pick up.


Drop off and pick up between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

Drop off and pick up Saturday or Sunday is 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by appointment (you specify time when you make your pets reservation)

Boarding pick-ups will no longer happen after these times

Add on services available



For the health and safety of all dogs in my care and personal pets, I ask that all dogs be up-to-date on their required vaccinations and be flea-free.  


•Rabies certificate

•Spay/neuter certificate (unless stated on rabies certificate already)

•DHPP (distemper and parvovirus)



Your dog must be able to be handled by myself and be in the presence of other dogs and children. If your dog has special needs we may be able to accommodate them, but we must be made aware at the time of booking in order to determine if your dog will fit this situation. We can handle minor separation anxiety cases and dogs who are selective about other dogs on a limited basis depending on other clients bookings.  We appreciate your honesty with this matter.


We do encourage that your dog be crated at night or when unsupervised for more than an hour, but if your dog has a history of being loose with no destructive tendencies that can be arranged as well.​​​​

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