Can you define the term “bite inhibition” in the context of dogs? Did you know bite inhibition can only be developed in the first three months of life? Did you know your puppy should meet at least 100 people in that same three months to be considered well-socialized? Do you know what a critical fear period is? Are you aware a single bad experience during such a period could shape your puppy into adulthood?


A Polished Puppy from Paws Perrydise takes the guesswork out of raising a family companion. Rather than leaving you to juggle puppy training around work and family, we devote our time to developing well-trained, well-socialized puppies who have been exposed to the things everyday life will throw at them.


Puppies in the Polished Puppy program have been adopted from a shelter or rescue and trained extensively using only science-based, compassionate, force-free methods. Our purpose is two-fold: First, we want to save a life, and we want to give that dog we saved the very best life we can imagine. Second, we want to provide you and your family with a well-trained companion who will enrich your household. These puppies are available for private adoption.

Included in your adoption fee is two lessons with your puppy — one at the time of adoption, and another six months after adoption. You will find our available puppies and our application below.


Mabel was adopted, keep an eye out for future Polished Puppies