Image by Michael Oxendine
Private Assessment

Comprised of just one hour assessment to get you started with a general overview of what your dog needs to succeed and thrive.  This is the best option for a dog owner who doesn’t really know where to start with fixing the problems they are facing.  An overwhelmed owner who could use direction and insight as to how your dog can be helped.  This is an evaluation that will provide you with some recommendations which is generally what type of program or group lesson would fit your needs and provide you with the best outcome.    This assessment is completed in person at our facility or at your home in the immediate area.  Assessment deposits are $80/$120; however, when you choose the training package you feel is best for you, half of the fee is put towards the total program price.  

What you come out of the assessment with:

*A written evaluation that is typed up within 1wk of meeting (Busy seasons may take a little longer) detailing what we covered and what our recommendations are.

*Some basic information on solving some problems are given prior to written plan to get started right away.  For example teaching a few base skills like a "touch" before going into more difficult skills that take longer to achieve.  We consider these "freebies" to show you what you can get started on right away so we can get to the more challenging stuff in our private sessions.

*Management tips & Techniques.  It is not just obedience, real life behavior is in the environment and sometimes we need help making adjustments to manage behavior better.  



*Appointment deposits are now pre-paid.  If payment is not paid 48hrs prior to the appointment, it will be open to another client.  If cancellation notice is not provided within 24hrs, the amount will be forfeited as a scheduled appointment.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.